ATTC 2019

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The Asian Table Tennis Championships is a major biennial table tennis tournament in Asia and regarded as continental championships by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Tracing its roots to the year 1952 when it was first organized by the Table Tennis Federation of Asia (TTFA), from 1972 onwards the Championships has been under the auspices of the Asian Table Tennis Union (ATTU). To date there are forty four (44) Association affiliated to ATTU which are divided into five (5) regional groupings.
East Asia South East Asia South Asia West Asia Central Asia


Indonesia became the host of the 6th Asian Table Tennis Championships held in Jakarta way back in 1982. It was touted as a very successful tournament which also marked the elevation of Table Tennis in Indonesia during that period.
With the hosting of the 2019 Asian Table Tennis Championships, the people behind the organization strongly believe that it would give a new lease of life to Table Tennis in the country and which would later on pave the way to making Indonesia as once again a powerhouse of this sport in Southeast Asia as well as a force to reckon with in continental and world events.
Incidentally, the 2019 Asian Table Tennis Championships will also be a qualification tournament for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, thus maximum participations from the forty-four (44) member-Associations are expected. Undoubtedly, next year’s Championships will be Asia’s largest gathering of top-caliber Table Tennis players, bringing on a very high-level of competition second to none in the world, and it will all happen in the world famous city of Yogyakarta with its world heritage Buddhist Temple, BOROBUDUR


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